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What Our Patients Say


“I never thought I would say this but I actually enjoyed the experience. I would do it again & will encourage anyone to move forward and say yes, it’s life changing. 
Smile and the world smiles with you!”


“Thank you all so much for being so nice and so supportive. It is actually amazing to have  straight teeth.”


"All I can say is a big HUGE massive thank you to the team at Metamorphosis! I am absolutely delighted with my new smile. You have all been so friendly and welcoming & have made my experience really great.”


“Thanks to you all. You have been the bees knees!”


“Painless removal!! Love my new teeth. Only downside is its the end of my visits. I’ll miss everyone.”


“A special thank to Neil for somehow making my thumb sucking damaged teeth into the the wonderful smile I have now.” 

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We are also featured in James Pendleton Estate Agent‘s area guide as a recommended local business by the company’s staff.


Video Testimonials

Hear the feedback from some of our amazing patients after their treatment with Metamorphosis Orthodontics. For more video testimonials visit our youtube channel

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