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Junior Oral Health Plan

The health of your children's teeth and gums are of utmost importance to us...and they should be to you! In 2017 43,000 under 18's suffered completely preventable operations in 2017 due to poor oral health. 

Coordinated by our oral health experts, Meta's Junior Oral Health Plan, is for all our young patients, both those ready for Orthodontic work and those whose development is being carefully assessed. 


The plan includes:

 -An oral health tooth and gum assessment for all children up to age of 16

-Regular advice and support to help your child achieve optimal oral health and help prevent decay via a system of regular hygiene visits thus ensuring that teeth are in top condition prior to any orthodontic treatment

-Monitoring of your child by our team of expert Orthodontists and Specialist Dentists

To book in for your child's first Junior Oral Health Plan assessment and receive your child's Oral Health Plan record card please contact the team on smile@metamorposisorthodontics.com or call 0207 731 1077

To begin your journey of fantastic oral health, Meta recommends these key brushing tips to keep small mouths in tip top condition:

1. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time; floss or use some ohter form of interdental aids 

2. Spit out excess fluoride toothpaste and don't rinse with water after

3. Use non-alcoholic mouth wash with fluoride & use it at alternate times to brushing

4. Reduce snack intake, sugary drinks and watch out for the 'hidden sugars' in supposedly 'healthy foods!'

For more information, please contact the team on smile@metamorposisorthodontics.com or call 0207 731 1077

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