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Living with Braces

Explore Metamorphosis top tips on living with braces


Living With Braces

Eating With Braces

Wearing braces may require a little extra care to avoid certain types of foods that could damage them. For the duration of your orthodontic treatment, you should avoid foods that are:

  • Sticky and chewy – For example caramel, liquorice and sweets.
  • Hard or require biting into – For example corn on the hob, apples, hard sweets, nuts.

If you decide to opt for the Invisalign treatment, you will be able to remove your orthodontic appliances and will therefore be able to eat as usual.

Oral Hygiene

While undergoing an orthodontic treatment, it is very important that you make sure to brush your teeth after every meal. This will prevent bacteria and plaque from accumulating in your braces. At Metamorphosis Orthodontics, we have our own Oral hygiene Clinic where you can learn how to best take care of your oral health.

Soreness From Your Orthodontic Treatment 

At the beginning of your treatment, you may experience a feeling of discomfort and soreness in your mouth. This is due to the pressure applied on your teeth and it is perfectly normal at the beginning of your treatment. The degree of discomfort is not the same for all patients, but usually lasts less than three days. If you feel like you are experiencing too much discomfort, you can alleviate it with over the counter painkillers used for common headaches.


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Damaged Orthodontic Appliances 

If you damage your braces in any way, it is very important to come in to the clinic and get it fixed promptly. Failing to do so could cause delays in your treatment.


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