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Get the Perfect Smile

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Get The Perfect Smile

For years American smiles have been hailed as the gold standard. But we at Metamorphosis Orthodontics are currently pioneering the Atlantic Smile. It’s a rebellion against the flashy, L.A. ‘piano key’ teeth, which are usually achieved by placing veneers (the quick fix smile) on crooked teeth. Gone are the days of filing down healthy teeth to cover them with porcelain veneers which can be used to fill small gaps, even out more pointed teeth and give symmetry to the smile. And of course, once enamel has been cut, it cannot grow back. In the majority of cases the finished result of veneers is an identikit ‘Stepford Wife’ smile that may not suit the individual’s face shape.

Our solution to this problem is the ‘Atlantic Smile’. Not Hollywood flashy nor old-school crooked British teeth that have been the laughing stock of our American cousins for decades. The Atlantic Smile is for people wishing to opt for a more natural looking smile.

Woman smilings no bracwes.jpg

Using cutting edge braces and techniques our team at Metamorphosis create smiles that are face-driven, supporting the patient’s facial musculature and soft tissues whilst still retaining the natural shape of the teeth.
An average treatment can take between 6 to 18 months. Prices start from just £2500 to £6500.

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