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Tilly's Transformation

"I had always felt self-conscious about my smile..."

Hi I'm Tilly and I'm a drama student in my 3rd year of a performing arts degree.

Performing and being comfortable both on stage and in front of a camera is a crucial part of what I do and the acting profession that I'm planning to pursue after my degree.

Ever since I can remember, I have always felt self-conscious about my teeth, particularly because I'am unusual in the fact that I don't have any canine teeth on my bottom row. This meant that I had very crooked teeth and large gaps where the canines were suppose to be. Whenever I saw myself on film or in photos all I could focus on were the issues with my teeth and I felt it was having a real impact on my confidence.

At the end of the second year of my course, I knew that I would need to have head shots photographed for my acting portfolio, a prospect that filled me with pure dread... Which is why I made the decision to have orthodontic treatment in time for my photographs.

"When I had my braces fitted they actually looked pretty good..."
I spent some time researching orthodontists online but felt quite confused about which one I could trust with my teeth. Then a friend recommended Metamorphosis to me. She had had really great results when she had treatment with them and assured me that they were someone I could trust.

Before my first consultation at Meta I was quite nervous, but as soon as I walked through the door I was made to feel really comfortable by the friendly staff and by my orthodontic surgeon Neil Counihan.

I think my main concern about getting brace was how the dreaded train-tracks would look, but Neil reassured me that, if I opted for transparent Damon braces they would be very discreet.

He was right and when I had my braces fitted they actually looked pretty good!

"Now my braces are off, I can't stop staring at my teeth"

After just 12 months my braces were ready to come off and I cannot describe how excited I was!

My teeth now look amazing, I can't believe the transformation and how it has helped my confidence. Now my braces are off, I can't stop staring at my teeth!

In September I had my head shots taken for my portfolio and for the first time ever, I was delighted with how I looked in a photo.

I cannot tell you how much orthodontic treatment has changed my life and how much I would recommend Metamorphosis to anyone considering treatment. I can say with total confidence that these guys really are the best. Neil Counihan my orthodontist is a genius surgeon and amazing person and I would not have trusted my teeth in the hand of any one else!

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