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Becoming A Patient

On your first visit we will discuss your chief complaint. First, we want to talk with you to find out what results you are looking for from your treatment. Relief of pain, restoration of dental function, aesthetics – all may be parts of how we can help. Next, we want to be sure we educate you about all your treatment options. Finally, we want to guide you to the treatment plan that is tailored for you.

But we believe that part of our professional responsibility is to not only help you decide what is best, but exercise our professional judgment about what might be inappropriate for you. In other words, we must help you decide on what is best for you, and what might be a bad decision too!

To accomplish this we have the latest technology. Through the use of digital imaging and radiography, we can assimilate your diagnostic information very rapidly. We can outline treatment at the initial visit in a visual package that is in language you can understand.


While surgery may be the best option to achieve desirable functional and cosmetic results, it is always an elective procedure. Other treatment options will be presented to you in the consultation appointment. In this visit, we will discuss:

  • The overall analysis and problem list
  • Treatment objectives
  • The anticipated treatment sequence
  • Optional treatment plans and their strengths and weaknesses relative to your overall treatment objectives

Metamorphosis Orthodontics


Orthognathic surgery is usually required to reduce serious craniofacial anomalies. The name ‘Orthognathic’ quite literally means surgery to create straight jaws. It can be used to correct facial deformities, facial asymmerty, eating and biting issues, cleft lips and even speech problems. Orthognathic surgery is therefore normally part of a much broader programme of orthodontic treatment for a wide variety of issues.

If you are a candidate for corrective jaw surgery our designated combined orthodontics and orthognathic clinic with our expert team of specialist orthodontist and eminent oral and maxillofacial surgeon will work together to give you the best possible result.