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Orthodontics for Adults

It is never too late for a perfect smile

Many of our patients thought that we could only help their children get the perfect smile. A common assumption is that orthodontics is only effective whilst the teeth are still growing and the shape of the face is developing.

However, that is not the case. Thanks to the latest treatments and techniques, Metamorphosis can offer orthodontic treatment to nearly all ages. Our experienced team of dentists and specialists provide the latest orthodontic treatments so that as well as helping you straighten that smile we can also get results in a discreet, and in some cases, undetectable way.

Our range of available treatments include technologies like InvisalignDamon and Lingual Braces. These treatments help straighten the teeth using clear or subtle materials or with braces fixed behind the teeth that are not outwardly visible.

Orthodontics for Adults


The first step in finding out how we can help is to get in contact. You can then book in to visit us for a 30 minute consultation with no up front commitment to further treatment. We can then tell you more about how we can help, plus the costs and timelines.


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