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Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedures 
and Code of Practice for patients who wish to raise concerns


Complaints Policy 

At Metamorphosis, we want to ensure that all our patients are pleased with their experience of our service and we pride oursleves that our happy patients talk about their positive experience here at the clinic. We take complaints very seriously indeed.  If a patient makes a complaint, we will deal with the matter courteously and promptly so that it is resolved as quickly as possible.  Our complaints policy and procedures are based on these objectives.

At Metamorphosis, we have an effective complaints system in place to ensure that identifying, receiving, recording, handling and responding to any comments, observations, concerns or complaints occurs within a strict timetable that is clearly documented. Our Code of Practice for patients who wish to raise concerns is displayed in our reception and all patients and visitors should feel confident that they will be listened to and responded to without fear of discrimination or recrimination. 

We aim to ensure that any complaint is treated sensitively and in a manner that respects human rights and diversity. 

We recognise that a complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction with our service, treatment or advice and that a complaint can be made by a variety of methods, including verbally, by sign language or in writing. In situations where a patient may lack confidence to express their views, or require help to do so, they will be supported by helpful team members.  All patients’ complaints are fully documented and investigated and are dealt with fairly. 

At Metamorphosis we view complaints as an opportunity to improve our service delivery and to learn lessons that will help us make changes with the intention of avoiding a repetition of any similar complaint.  

To help us learn lessons from complaints, we track and analyse to identify trends that will help us improve our service and our procedures are monitored and reviewed regularly by our Practice Manager, Sian Phelan. 

This policy and relevant procedures will be reviewed annually in accordance with new guidance or legislative changes or as a result of learnings following a complaint.


Verbal complaints

If a patient complains on the telephone, at the reception desk or anywhere else in the practice, we will listen sympathetically and make notes about his/her issues or problems, provided that the patient consents to us doing this. 

Having first listened to the patient’s complaint, we will offer to refer him/her to Sian Phelan Practice Manager immediately. If the patient has consented to their concerns or issues being written down, the team member will take brief details of the complaint and pass them on. If we cannot arrange this within a reasonable time period or if the patient does not wish to wait to discuss the matter, arrangements will be made for Denise Symonds, Officer Manager to deal with it. 

Our aim in handling verbal complaints is always to try to resolve the issue to the patient’s satisfaction so that it does not escalate and become a written complaint. 


Written complaints

If the patient complains in writing the letter will be passed on immediately to Sian Phelan Practice Manager. Complaints about clinical care or associated charges will be referred to the clinician concerned, unless the patient does not want this to happen. We will investigate the complaint to enable us to give an explanation of the circumstances that led to the complaint within ten working days of receipt.  If the patient does not wish to meet us, then we will attempt to talk to them on the telephone. If we are unable to investigate the complaint within ten working days, we will notify the patient, giving reasons for the delay and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed. We will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing immediately after completing our investigation. We make and keep proper and comprehensive records of any complaint received.

 If patients are not satisfied with the result of our procedure, then a complaint may be made to:

The Dental Complaints Service   
(for complaints about private treatment )

Address: Stephenson House, 2 Cherry Orchard, Croydon, CR0 6BA 

Phone:   0208 253 0800 

Email:   info@dentalcomplaints.org.uk


Website updated February 2019


The General Dental Council

Address: 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1M 8DQ 

Phone: 0207 167 6000 

Email:   standards@gdc-uk.org


The Care Quality Commission

Address: Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE14PA 

Phone: 03000 616161

Email:   enquires@cqc.org.uk