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Types of braces for kids

When you and your orthodontist decide on braces for your child, there are a number of options to consider.

All braces types apply continuous gentle pressure to slowly move the teeth into the desired final position - improving the appearance and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.

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In this post, we’re going to concentrate on the different types of braces.

Let’s start with the removable options.

Removable braces for children

There are two main types of removable braces for children.

  1. Removal braces for “interceptive treatment”, which are made up of a plastic plate covering the roof of the mouth and metal wire that clips on to the front teeth. They are used to carry out limited teeth movements for children aged from about 7-11. They are often used as the first stage before fixed braces.
  1. Clear removable braces, such as Invisalign braces, which may be suitable for some teenagers as a standalone teeth straightening treatment.

One of the key advantages of clear, removable braces compared with fixed braces is that your child can take little breaks from wearing the aligners for things like eating and brushing their teeth.

However, they must be extra vigilant about i) wearing their braces for the required amount of time each day and ii) making sure they don’t lose them.

With this type of braces, plastic aligners are tailor made for your teen. They wear each set for about two weeks. Each set of aligners slowly but surely moves the teeth towards their final position.


Fixed braces for kids with metal brackets

Fixed braces for children are often made with strong, durable metal brackets - attached to the teeth - and connected by wire.

The wire in the braces, which is held in place by a slide mechanism, works to move the teeth into position.

Modern-day fixed braces are much more subtle and comfortable than the fixed braces of decades ago.

Let’s talk about Damon braces.

These are a very good option for children and have several benefits:

  • Faster treatment time
  • Less maintenance
  • Less pressure on the teeth (resulting in less pain)

The process uses less force than traditional braces and is very effective at correcting severe crowding. 


Fixed braces for kids with ceramic/plastic brackets

Braces made with less noticeable clear ceramic - or porcelain - brackets may also be suitable. The clear brackets make the braces more cosmetically appealing by blending in with the surface of teeth.

The different styles available also mean that teens can choose to make a fashion statement as braces are seen as a mouth jewellery accessory.

At Metamorphosis Orthodontics, we can help your child to enjoy straight teeth by carefully advising you on the treatment that’s perfect for their needs.

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