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Teeth surgery


Metamorphosis is one of the leading orthodontic clinics in London. Metamorphosis provides holistic orthodontic treatments that take into account the aesthetics of the whole of a patient’s face, the profile, bone tissue and muscular structure.

We have also the best orthodontics experts for teeth straightening surgery that ensures the best possible care to children, teens and adults.

There are several forms of orthodontic conditions that we here at metamorphosis solve. Some of the commons ones include:

  • Overbite condition this is where your row of upper teeth (the maxilla) extend beyond the row of your lower teeth (the mandible) when your mouth is closed. It can be as a result of several things. These may include lack or loss of rear teeth, especially molars, in the lower jaw allowing the remaining teeth to move back through a lack of support. Thumb sucking especially in early childhood and the overuse of a pacifier causing the narrowing of the arch to the mouth forcing the upper teeth forward as a result. The continuous pushing of the tongue against the upper teeth can also be a cause of overbite.
  • The overjet condition is a state where the top front teeth point outwards, or protrude, over the bottom teeth towards the lip. It is also referred to as “protrusion” and ‘buck ' It’s caused by having a lower jaw that is underdeveloped in proportion to the upper jaw. There are several ways so fix this situation. Visit a trained orthodontist for further evaluation and specialized remedy to your problem.
  • Misaligned Jaw is a condition where a person’s upper and lower teeth do not perfectly meet. The symptoms of this are Difficulty in chewing, abnormal breathing and strange The remedies are unique to the severity of the case. The orthodontist will provide a better and more accurate solution among these:
    • Correct bad habits aree. grinding of teeth or chewing gum.
    • Orthodontic braces are prescribed in some cases.
    • Surgery option – An oral maxillofacial surgeon will perform the surgery to rectify the problem as the last result.
  • Strict underbite condition is also referred to as prognathism is a condition where the lower teeth and the jaw protrude in front of the upper teeth. In a typical bite the upper teeth should be slightly cover the bottom teeth, but in this case, it is the opposite. In a severe case, the two rows of the teeth almost touch each other, and over time, the gap becomes wider.

The corrective appliance for severe underbite vary, and your orthodontist will prescribe the best solution. They may include either Braces or an upper jaw expander depending on the severity of the condition.

Orthognathic jaw surgery also referred to as orthognathic surgery may be used for extreme cases to improve the look and function.

It is important to have orthodontic conditions attended to by a trained orthodontist because leaving the situation unattended can lead to more complications. For instance, the overbite condition if left unattended as it may cause problems related to eating, breathing, tooth decay and even speech difficulty.


Frequently asked questions about teeth surgery

  • What is the risk involved?

With a team of some of the best experienced orthodontists, we are sure to minimize any adverse risks involved with any of our procedures. We pride ourselves in giving a holistic care, and this ensures we first understand the cause of the problem and how the treatment we over will respond to your body.

  • Cost

The cost of treatment mostly depends on the severity and recommended a form of therapy. The price varies from one client to another based on the nature of the problem. Although here at Metamorphosis clinic we endeavor to keep our prices competitive and in line with the market standards.

  • How long will the recovery take?

This depends on your age and your bite problem. On average though a patient may wear a brace for two years you can make a difference by looking after your brace. A broken brace or missed appointments may slow the recovery progress.

Consulting an experienced orthodontist such as those found at Metamorphosis is essencial. They will explain you everything about your condition and build a specific treatment plan for you. Metamorphosis team is highly trained and enthusiastic to serve you.


For more information visits us at or clinic. We will be more than glad to help you.

Metamorphosis is located in southwest London near Eel Brook Common and Parson Green tube station. 315-317 New Kings Road London SW6 4RF or call +44 20 3828 7116 to book an appointment.

You can also visit our website http://www.metamorphosisorthodontics.com/contact-us and leave us a comment or further queries you may have.


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