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Investing in your kids' oral health - and future

Our children are our most prized treasures. We work diligently to ensure they get the best chances in life and it’s no surprise their healthcare tops any list of priorities we may hold for them.


And their oral healthcare should not be overlooked.


Healthy, strong teeth, maintained by regular and correct brushing techniques and sage advice on what to eat and when to eat should be part of any learning. However, nature too can have its say and in some cases, healthy teeth doesn’t necessarily mean straight teeth.


As adults and parents we know only too well that our teeth and our smile don’t just exist to eat, chew, drink talk or help to express our feelings. They can have a huge impact upon our confidence.


Children, thankfully, can be blissfully unaware of this – until the ‘micky-taking’ starts or they reach their teenage years and wonder why, perhaps, they aren’t gaining the friendships, or relationships, their peers are enjoying.


And that’s where you, and we at Metamorphosis, can help.















We can give our children the head start they need in life. They may not thank you for it now, but in time they will. And by doing so you can watch their confidence grow and rest assured that it’s not only their oral health that you are investing in – you are investing in their future.


Problems such as crooked or crowded teeth can put a strain on the jaw muscles and increase the likelihood of long-term damage. We advise that you should bring your child to see an expert orthodontist by the age of eight to ensure they are getting the right advice at a critical time in their development.


And by visiting Metamorphosis, you will:

  • Receive a detailed diagnostic review, to include x-rays and photographs
  • Get the opportunity to talk through any concerns you, or your child, may have
  • Be treated to an exclusive, concierge level of service
  • Leave with a bespoke and mutually agreed plan of action

So if your child has crowded, misplaced or protruding teeth or they grind or clench their teeth or suck their thumb, we can help. If you notice signs of enamel wear and tear, spot that chewing or biting is difficult or that they struggle with their speech, we are here to listen further.


There are many options of brace available and we will make sure you totally understand which is best suited and what the treatment plans look like.


So if you want your child to have the best possible start in life, if you want them to sail through what can be testing times in their teens, and if you want them to grow with confidence, contact us on 0207 731 1077


Or to learn more, download our free guide “teeth straightening for kids”. You’ll find answers to the 14 most commonly asked question by parents about orthodontic treatment for their children.















Our specialist orthodontists can talk you through how it all works and answer any questions you may have.


Call us on +44 20 3828 7116 or email smile@metamorphosisorthodontics.com to make an appointment.

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