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Starting the new year with a smile makeover

The New Year stands before us like a blank book. It's that time of the year when, after weeks of excess and consumption, we turn our attentions to self-improvement with New year resolutions.


A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person decides to change an undesired trait or behaviour by promising to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first month of the year. 

New Year’s resolutions aren’t like ordinary goals. They have a far more powerful effect on our psyche because the end of one year and the start of another symbolizes new beginnings, a new chapter, and another chance to achieve the things we’ve always dreamt of.

Regardless of what resolution you commit to, the goal is to improve life in the new year. 

Resolutions can come in many forms. Common New Year's resolutions include losing weight, taking up a hobby, volunteering, giving up smoking and saving money.

Many of us will make a healthy New Year's resolution such as fixing our teeth and getting a complete smile makeover. Smile makeovers are becoming more and more popular as New Year resolutions.

A beautiful smile can be a huge asset:

  • It makes you feel more attractive – A beautiful and open smile can make people see you in a more approachable way. The muscles your body uses to smile actually lift the face, making you appear younger and healthier!
  • It can change your mood - Smiling can trick your body into changing your mood when you feel down.
  • It relieves stress – When you smile your body sends you a message saying “Life is Good!” Studies have shown that smiling actually releases endorphins and serotonin. The physical act of smiling causes a measurable reduction in your blood pressure as well. Worry, stress, and depression problems can be helped through a simple smile.
  • It makes you more successful – It not only gives a great first impression but defines your appearance and can ooze self-confidence. People who smile in a job interview appear more confident and approachable and they are more likely to get the job.
  • It’s contagious - A simple smile has the ability to brighten a whole room and make other people smile too.

As it turns out, having a stunning smile can make your life easier in several surprising ways.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is the cosmetic dentistry procedure for improving the aesthetics of your smile. It involves treatments such as teeth straightening and teeth whitening. It can be anything from correcting a single tooth that is bothering you to a full smile that you are too embarrassed to show. It’s the perfect solution for crooked, uneven and discoloured teeth.

A smile makeover can lift your confidence and change your life! It can improve the colour and position of your teeth.

An array of different dental equipment, techniques and technologies will be used with the ultimate goal of creating a beautiful and natural smile for you.

Each patient is unique so the smile is designed to suit your particular features. Several factors including face shape, tooth colour and tooth size need to be assessed so the first step is always a consultation with the dentist, who will discuss your concerns.

From this, it will be possible to provide you a comprehensive plan detailing a variety of treatment options and costs for a perfect smile solution.

Who needs a smile makeover?

Anyone who is unhappy with their smile can benefit greatly from a smile makeover. If you feel like your smile is letting you down, then a smile makeover is an option to consider.

Improperly aligned or crooked teeth can look straighter with orthodontics or dental braces, and can provide significant improvements to the appearance of your smile.

Gaps or spaces between teeth can be fixed by the use of orthodontic braces which will align your teeth and close the unsightly spaces in between teeth also. 

Stained or discoloured teeth can be treated with teeth whitening cosmetic procedures, for a healthier and brighter smile. 

Find out if you could have straight teeth by taking our online quiz "Can I have straight teeth?

What are the costs?

Due to the fact that a smile makeover treatment will differ greatly from patient to patient, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of cost without doing a smile assessment. The cost and treatment options will depend on your specific needs.

A Smile Makeover could be a worthy investment if you lack confidence when it comes to your teeth and smile. Untreated Oral conditions can make you self-conscious and affect your daily life.

All in all, a smile makeover is not only an investment in your health, but also in your emotional well-being. You might be surprised at how a beautiful, healthy smile can impact your life.

Get your New Year off to a great start!

With so many convenient options like clear braces (Invisalign, ceramic braces, lingual braces) or traditional metal braces available today, why wait?

Time and time again, we have seen that enhancing smiles leaves our patients feeling happy and confident.

To see how you might benefit from a smile makeover, simply schedule a free, no-hassle teeth-straightening consultation at Metamorphosis Orthodontics in south London. It’s an easy, no-pressure way to get the information you need about the treatment options available for you.

We use the latest technology in dentistry. When it comes to getting a healthy and beautiful smile, you deserve the experience of dedicated dental professionals to help you achieve beautiful aesthetics and function as well.

We're a few weeks into the new year now, right around the time when people start struggling with their resolutions…

…Make this year different, don't let your resolutions fall by the wayside!

Refresh your entire look with a Smile Makeover and get not only a great smile, but the confidence you deserve!

Book a FREE Consultation

 Or call us on 020 3828 7116 or email smile@metamorphosisorthodontics.com

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