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Painful Teeth? Causes and Treatments


What are Aching Teeth?

Aching or painful teeth is a condition also known as tooth sensitivity, characterised by a sharp pain in the teeth especially while eating hot or cold foods. Some people also experience other symptoms like swollen gums and pain during chewing along with sensitivity. This usually happens when the tooth enamel wears off or your gums recede and expose the underlying tooth layer known as dentin.

Having painful teeth is a condition that must not be ignored as it may point to a more complex dental problem. See your orthodontist right away to identify the cause and have it cured.      

Common Tooth Pain Symptoms

Below is the list of the most common symptoms of sensitive and aching teeth:

  • Sharp or throbbing pain
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Swelling or inflammation    
  • Earache

If there is an infection, some people also experience drainage that comes from the infected teeth. The pain will come back even after taking pain relievers when there is infection in your gums. It indicates a more serious disease, such as gum disease or periodontal disease.

If you have earache along with other symptoms, it is advisable to see a dentist right away. In any case, do not let the condition carry on for more than two days. 

People who wear braces can also experience painful teeth at some point because the teeth are changing positions and it takes a while to adjust with the new alignment. It is very important to schedule regular visits with an orthodontist to check if everything is in place. 

Gum sensitivity is often caused when the patient fails to clean properly around the braces. Pay attention when your orthodontist is explaining how to brush and clean your teeth properly when wearing braces. 

 Causes of Tooth Pain

When dentin is exposed due to receding gums or any other reason, having painful teeth is very common. This happens when a person consumes too many acidic foods including soft carbonated drinks. Improper oral hygiene is another cause of tooth pain. Some people also start experiencing tooth pain when they use whitening products excessively.

Tooth decay and fractured teeth can cause sharp tooth pain as well.

A damaged filling or infected gums are also common causes for having sharp pain in the teeth. 

Finally, you might be suffering from orthodontic conditions such as overjet, crossbite, open bite or reverse bite.

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All these conditions need to be addressed when choosing a viable treatment in order to get relief from the pain and start living a normal and healthy life.  

Treatments Available

Having painful teeth is an indication that you might be suffering from a more complex underlying condition.

If you are waiting on an appointment with your dentist, it is fine to take an over-the-counter pain killer to relieve the pain for the time being. However, bear in mind that medicines only provide a temporary relief when it comes to painful teeth.

If pain persists for a few days and at-home remedies fail to respond, you will really need to opt for an in-office treatment. The dentist would take an x-ray of your teeth and gums to see what exactly is causing the pain.

Importance of Getting Help from Experienced Professionals

Painful teeth not only affect your smile but also have a negative impact on your health as you’re unable to eat a lot of foods. Immediately seek professional help to avoid getting it worse. You certainly don’t want to trigger complications, so the best thing to do when you experience even the slightest of pains in your teeth is to consult an expert right away.  

Book a consultation with Metamorphosis Orthodontics either by calling directly on 020 3828 7116 or email for an appointment smile@metamorphosisorthodontics.com  

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