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Orthognathic surgery


Have you been diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders, or are you concerned that you may be suffering from the condition? Before you unnerve yourself any further and develop a potential case of hypochondria, let us help you out. The good news is TMJ is treatable. Thanks to orthognathic surgery, you don’t necessarily have to live with TMJ disorders any longer.

TMJ is a collective name for medical conditions associated with pain and dysfunction in the jaws and jaw muscles. For many people, jaw pain comes and goes without causing much of a disturbance. However, for some, they are a permanent issue that affects their everyday life.

Symptoms of jaws problems (TMJ)

TMJ disorders are marked by pain in the muscles that control jaw movements, like chewing, and pain in the jaw joint. Other indications include:

  •    Pain when you open and close your mouth, accompanied by clicks or pops in the jaw joint
  •    Pain in the face and neck
  •    Jaw muscles feeling stiff
  •    Locked jaw
  •    Misalignment of the lower and upper teeth

Causes of jaws problems (TMJ)

TMJ disorders still require considerable medical review and research to help specialists understand it better, especially concerning its causes. That said, jaw trauma is known to play an important role in the condition. For many patients, however, TMJ disorders seem to erupt without any identifiable cause. There may also be a link between these disorders and female hormones, as records indicate that more women suffer from TMJ than men.

Orthognathics and the treatment of TMJ

Orthognathic surgery is a corrective procedure for many skeletal and dental health conditions, including TMJ. Orthognathics alleviates the pain that comes from TMJ. However, it can also solve functional issues such as breathing, speaking and chewing. 

On your journey to receiving orthognathic surgery, your dentist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) and orthodontist will potentially need to work together to determine if surgery is the right answer for you, and then decide on a specific course of treatment. Because orthognathic surgery is usually coupled with orthodontics, we advise you to get yourself and your loved-ones prepared for the extended length of treatment.

How does orthognathic surgery Work?

Orthognathic surgery is only a viable treatment option if your jaws have severe structural problems and orthodontic treatments alone won’t do. Orthognathics reposition the jaw bone(s), the lower or upper jaw bone or both, to correct misalignment and treat the accompanying pains and difficulties.

The surgery involves cutting sections of the jaw bone(s) and moving the segments of these bones into positions that will ensure better alignment. Orthodontic treatment is usually coupled with orthognathic surgery, used before and/or after, to maximise the success of your treatment.

Orthognathic surgery—recovery and risks

As with any medical procedure, orthognathic surgery is not without its risks.

These include:

  •    Bleeding
  •    Infection
  •    Restricted blood supply to some segments of the jaw
  •    Persistent numbness/tingling on the lips, cheeks and/or teeth
  •    Improper jaw positioning, and
  •    Damage to teeth

Orthognathics at Metamorphosis Orthodontics

At the heart of London lies your one-stop shop for holistic orthodontic treatments which also houses one of the country’s finest orthognathic clinics. We offer orthognathic surgery that can cure your jaw problems and enhance your facial aesthetics, as well as a range of highly personalised orthodontic treatments.

This means you can achieve your perfect smile, or give your child the smile and confidence boost they deserve. Our experienced team will treat you to a family-friendly and comfortable service in a state-of-the-art clinic.

Get in touch to learn more about your orthodontic and orthognathic treatment options at Metamorphosis. To learn how you can enhance your smile, download a free copy of our “teeth straightening guide for adults” today.

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