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How to Choose Your Child’s Orthodontist

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Fitting braces on children is more complicated than doing so on adults because they’re still growing. That’s why choosing an orthodontist with sufficient experience in children's orthodontics is incredibly important. After all, they’re tasked with improving your child’s oral health for years to come.  

Interceptive treatment is an ongoing process, so it’s crucial to find the right practitioner to ensure you and your children feel comfortable. Here are a few pointers to help you find a suitable orthodontist:

Pre-Consultation Considerations

Dentists work in close collaboration with orthodontists and see the quality of their work firsthand during patient check-ups. Before randomly searching and booking an appointment with the first orthodontist that pops up on Google, you should ask your trusted dentist for recommendations.

The General Dental Council

Every credible orthodontist should be registered with The General Dental Council. They’re the professional body responsible for ensuring excellent dental practice and protecting patient safety. Never receive treatment from an orthodontist if they don’t belong to this regulatory body.

Specialist Qualifications

Only a dentist with an orthodontic qualification can practise children’s orthodontics. After completing their Bachelor of Dentistry, orthodontists will study for their Master in Orthodontics. To protect the oral health of your children, it’s important to make sure your orthodontist is qualified to perform necessary procedures.

Experience with Children and Specific Brace Systems

The treatment your child receives will depend on their particular situation. Don’t be shy to ask how many similar procedures your orthodontist has done and how experienced they are treating children.

Sometimes orthodontists tend to favour or specialise in a particular treatment, which can influence your final decision. In most cases, children receive interceptive treatment—whereby dental problems are resolved at the earliest stage possible—so you will need an orthodontist that is adept, experienced and comfortable dealing with children.

Treatment Assistance

Your orthodontist will be accompanied by an orthodontic therapist, dental nurses and treatment coordinators. The success of your child’s procedure depends on everybody. Try to find out more about the practice: how the team works, what their experience is and who you can expect to see throughout your treatment.

Before and After Care

Usually, orthodontists offer first consultations free of charge. They’ll review your child’s medical history, take x-rays, perform an oral exam, provide a preliminary treatment plan and discuss the details of the treatment. Make sure they address any concerns or questions you have about your child’s treatment.

Ask them to explain costs, available payments and insurance options. Your child’s prospective orthodontist should offer you a clear contract outlining every expense, so you can budget for the treatment and aren’t surprised by unexpected expenses.

Providing Additional Information and Treatment Options

There are various types of fixed and removable appliances used during orthodontic treatment, such as retainers, braces, palatal expanders and cheek bumpers. The severity and type of treatment your child receives will depend on the overall condition of their mouth and teeth.  

A credible orthodontist will always recommend whatever is best for your child without pushing their agenda. During the first consultation, they should provide you with comprehensive information about available treatments and reasons for recommending them.

A Trusted Reputation

Go online to see if you can find reviews or testimonials when doing your background research. Search social media, such as Facebook, and review sites to see how other children have experienced their treatment. This will give you a good indication, beyond a first consultation, whether or not your orthodontist is reputable.

It’s a good sign if your orthodontist is regularly referred by patients’ dentists, because it shows they’re trusted by other dental practitioners. You should also peruse their website or ask for before and after photographs to get a clear indication of their standard of work.

Regardless of what others say, you and your children should feel comfortable with your orthodontist. After meeting them, you should feel relaxed, informed and trust that they’re able to perform the procedure with the utmost care.

At Metamorphosis Orthodontics, our team has the expertise to help your child achieve optimal oral health. We have many years of experience in children’s orthodontics, specialising in the specific dental needs of young people. Let us help your child achieve a healthy, happy smile. Book a free consultation today.

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