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Crowded teeth solutions for kids

Crowded teeth can make your child feel self-conscious. And things can get worse over time as the teeth obstruct each other and become crooked.


The condition basically means there is not enough room within the jaw for all the teeth to properly develop. Download our free Teeth Straightening Guide For Kids to learn more.

But this is not just an aesthetic problem. Overcrowding can make it more difficult for your child to keep their teeth and gums clean. This can lead to problems with tooth decay which, in turn, could eventually lead to gum disease or tooth loss.

It can also make chewing more difficult, which can cause unusual wear on tooth enamel and problems with your child’s speech.

Because your child’s teeth are in the wrong position, it means their jaw may not develop properly.

Complete our simple smile assessment Does My Child Need Braces? to help you find out more about any symptoms your child might be experiencing. 

Crowded teeth treatment

The good news is that, at Metamorphosis Orthodontics, we’ve helped many children to solve their crowded teeth problem. We can use braces and orthodontic treatments to deal with the crowded teeth, give your child a natural, more attractive smile and help them to develop healthy teeth, bones and gums. We love giving our young patients new confidence. A beautiful new smile gives them a huge boost and can take a weight off their mind - and stop you worrying about them.

Crowded teeth causes

Along with problems including overbite (where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth) and underbite (where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth), crowded teeth are often referred to as a type of “malocclusion”. Malocclusion is often inherited with one study suggesting that “hereditary factors” are responsible for “40% of the skeletal and dental variations resulting in a malocclusion”.

Dummy, thumb and finger sucking are among other causes.

Will my child need to have teeth removed?

As part of crowded teeth treatment for your child, it may be necessary to start by taking a tooth - or teeth - out. The teeth can then be aligned with braces. The spaces left by extraction are usually closed up during treatment.

But every patient is different and it’s not always necessary to remove teeth. A specialist orthodontist will be able to help you to make the right decision for your child after a thorough examination.

Crowded teeth braces

Teeth straightening devices can provide great results for children who need crowded teeth treatment.

There are now a number of different types of braces to choose from. Fixed braces, made from metal or ceramic/porcelain brackets and wires, are the best option for many children while clear, removable braces are suitable for others.

Orthodontists usually recommend fixed braces for children and teens because their teeth are still growing and because all adult teeth must have “erupted” for patients to wear removable braces.

Other types of orthodontic devices include lingual braces, which are bonded to the back of teeth so that other people cannot see them. Treatment times vary depending on the specific treatment and the patient but most people need to wear braces for between one and two years. Severe cases can take longer.

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