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Are Six Month Smiles braces right for me?

Are you one of the many adults in the UK who doesn’t like their smile? Perhaps you feel self-conscious when you laugh or smile or just when you’re speaking.

Maybe you work closely with colleagues, customers or you often speak in front of large groups of people and would feel more confident, if you had straighter teeth.


Or perhaps you’re getting married or have some other special event coming up which, you would love to feel like the best version of you.

Lots of adults who feel like this have never considered getting their teeth straightened because they assume:

  1.  Braces are for children and/or
  2.  They would have to wear noticeable metal braces for years

Find out if you could have straight teeth by taking our online quiz "Can I have straight teeth?

Many people who once felt like this now have beautiful, straight teeth after being treated with Six Month Smiles braces.

Teeth straightening in six months

As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles is one of the quickest teeth straightening treatments. Patients can finish treatment with an attractive new smile after wearing braces for an average of six months.

And you don’t have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious while you’re having your teeth straightened. Six Month Smiles braces are made with white wires, which have see-through brackets so most people will have no idea you’re having treatment.

Six Month Smiles treatment times are much shorter than for most other types of braces because they deal only with the teeth people can see when you smile.

Life-changing results with Six Month Smiles braces

Because of the gentle force that Six Month Smiles braces use to straighten your teeth, they’re also considered to be more comfortable than other types of braces.

 When Six Month Smiles patients finish treatment they say they can hardly believe how quickly they achieved their life-changing results. As with all teeth straightening treatments, when finished we advise you to wear either plastic retainers or have wire retainers placed at the back of your teeth to stop your new straight teeth from moving.

At Metamorphosis Orthodontics, Six Month Smiles is one of a number of orthodontic treatments we offer. Others include clear, removable braces and lingual braces, which are placed behind the teeth.

Is teeth straightening in six months right for me?

Six Month Smiles could be the right treatment for you if:

  • You want to enjoy the confidence of a life-changing, straight smile
  • You want to benefit from straight teeth quickly
  • You don’t want to feel self-conscious about wearing braces (“invisible” Six Month Smiles braces are made with white wires and see-through brackets)
  • You don’t want to endure braces that make your mouth feel sore (Six Month Smiles use gentle force to straighten your teeth and are considered more comfortable than some other options)

Dealing with teeth that make you feel unhappy is probably much easier and quicker than you think.

At Metamorphosis Orthodontics in south-west London we’ve helped thousands of adults to feel confident about their beautiful, straight new teeth.

Call us on +44 20 3828 7116 or email smile@metamorphosisorthodontics.com to make an appointment.

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