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Adult orthodontics: Am I too old for braces?

What comes to mind when you think of the word “braces”? For many adults it conjures up images of the unmissable metal braces worn by children and teenagers in the playground in years gone by.


Fortunately, things have moved on and children and adults alike can now very subtly straighten their teeth. (Keep reading for more on the discrete, adult orthodontic options available and how they can help you to start enjoying straight teeth within months.)

If you try to cover your mouth when you laugh, or avoid being photographed, because you feel self-conscious about your teeth, then it’s time to consider adult orthodontics.

More adults than ever before are boosting their self-esteem with discrete braces.

Dental braces for adults

Dental braces for adults improve the way you look by applying gentle pressure to straighten your teeth. Treatment also improves the way your teeth bite together and makes them easier to clean.

The many patients we’ve treated at Metamorphosis Orthodontics say they feel happier and more confident with their attractive, new straight teeth.

Find out if you could have straight teeth by taking our online quiz "Can I have straight teeth?

Adult orthodontic options

Adult orthodontic options include:

Subtle, fixed braces are built with strong, durable metal brackets (or ceramic brackets) that attach to the teeth and are connected by wire.

Discrete metal brackets are much smaller than those used in old-fashioned metal braces while ceramic brackets are even more subtle.

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth so most people won’t notice you’re having treatment.

With clear, removable braces, you wear sets of removable, “invisible” aligners, which gradually move your teeth towards their ultimate, straight position. You can very easily take the retainers out for eating and brushing your teeth.

Treatment times for most adult braces are one to two years, depending on your teeth and the specific treatment.

Could adult orthodontics help me?

To find out if you could benefit from dental braces for adults, please consider the following questions:

Do you:

  • Feel unhappy about the way your teeth look?
  • Have crowded, misplaced, twisted, gappy or crooked teeth?
  • Have protruding teeth?
  • Have teeth on the upper and lower jaws that don’t meet properly?
  • Find it difficult to reach all the surfaces of your teeth when brushing?
  • Find chewing or biting difficult?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could probably benefit from adult orthodontics. Adult braces can usually help to deal with all of these problems.

Our specialist orthodontists at Metamorphosis Orthodontics in south-west London have made it easy and convenient for thousands of adults to finally enjoy the attractive, straight teeth they’ve always wanted.

To find out exactly how adult braces could help you to deal with your problems, you can make a no-hassle appointment with Metamorphosis Orthodontics.

Our specialist orthodontists can talk you through how it all works and answer any questions you may have.

Call us on+44 20 3828 7116 or email smile@metamorphosisorthodontics.com to make an appointment.

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