Damon Braces

The revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment.

Damon braces offer a new generation of treatments including Damon 3 braces, Damon Q (where brackets are smaller and more discreet) and Damon Clear braces (virtually invisible) which all produce results fast!

Conventional braces have elastic ‘ties’ which cause friction and  pressure. Damon braces feature a sliding mechanism over the bracket that helps to reduce this friction and any potential discomfort as teeth move.The absence of ‘ties’ also makes dental hygiene easier during treatment as they do not collect plaque. Not only do Damon braces result in quicker treatment times but lighter forces on the teeth providing a more comfortable treatment experience.

By using Damon orthodontic braces the patient will experience less visits to the practice and on average, 4-6 months less in their treatment times. At Metamorphosis, we are among the leaders in damon orthodontics and the fitting of Damon braces in London – just ring us to find out more or find more information at www.damonbraces.com.

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Key Benefits of Damon Braces


Damon braces allow your teeth to slide more freely and therefore typically produce results 4 to 6 months quicker than conventional orthodontic treatments.


Damon braces’ unique slide mechanism allows your teeth to move while using less forces and friction than other treatments. This will result in reduced pain and irritation from your braces.


Damon Braces’ sliding mechanism means your specialist will need to make fewer adjustments over the duration of your treatment. This means you will require less visits than with other treatments.


Damon braces’ sliding mechanism means there are less ligatures where plaque and bacteria can be accumulated compared with conventional treatments. This means you will have better oral hygiene and health throughout your treatment.


Damon braces are smaller than other conventional orthodontic treatments. If you decide to get Damon Clear braces, they will be practically invisible.


Treatment Overview


Your initial visit to the clinic should take no more than 30 minutes. During the consultation, our specialists will examine your mouth, and you will have the chance to discuss the treatment options available for you.


Once you have taken your decision to undergo the treatment, we will conduct a more in-depth inspection of your teeth. This will involve taking a series of pictures of your dentition as well as X-rays that will be used by our team to plan your treatment and monitor results.


Now that our specialists have established your orthodontic treatment plan, you will have your Damon Braces placed. Although other treatments can feel sore during the first days, Damon Braces are known to be more comfortable and easy on your teeth.


As with other orthodontic treatments, it is important that a specialist monitors the progress of your treatment. However, with Damon Braces, you will require less frequent examinations and should only need to come in for a consultation every 10 weeks approximately.


Your treatment is over and your braces can now be removed. It’s time for you to show off your perfect smile.

For more information, visit our Damon Braces FAQs page.